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  • Igor Borovikov has become a member of TOP-3 of the rating of TOP Russian Managers in the Information Technology category
    Igor Borovikov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Softline, has become a member of TOP-3 of the rating of TOP Russian Managers in the Information Technology category, which is presented by the Russian Managers Association and Kommersant Publishing House.

    This rating, which is prepared by the Russian Managers Association and Kommersant Publishing House, is the main management quality standard in the professional community of managers. The most important objective of the rating is to assess the professional reputation of the leading Russian top managers. Several criteria, including the business proficiency and the achievements of their companies and structural units, have been used to assess the contenders. The list of business leaders includes the most successful businesspersons and the directors of the enterprises having strategic importance for Russian economy. The winners of the rating include the best Russian top managers, which have made a large contribution to the success of their business and market development.

    Igor Borovikov has become a member of TOP-3 of the rating of TOP Russian Managers in the Information Technology category
  • CIO ASIA - Twitter looking for a full time CEO, deflating Dorsey´s candidacy

    A week and a half after Dick Costolo announced that he would be stepping down from the CEO role at Twitter, the company´s board of directors has sent a shot across the bow of one of the expected front runner candidates to take the social network´s top job. The social micro blogging company´s search committee will only consider CEO candidates who are in a position to make a full time commitment to Twitter, the board said.That would seem to rule out Jack Dorsey, the company´s co founder who currently works as the CEO of Square and will be filling in as interim CEO of Twitter. Dorsey has said that he plans to remain at the helm of the payment processing company he co founded, but has not explicitly ruled out a bid for a permanent berth in Twitter´s top job. Now the Twitter board has made it clear that he would have to depart Square if he wants to run Twitter. That is a rough proposition for Dorsey, especially since Square is reportedly planning to go public this year. As for the overall search process, Twitter´s search committee has contracted with executive search firm Spencer Stuart to evaluate internal and external candidates for the job. The board has not set a firm time frame for its hiring of a new CEO, saying that there is a sense of urgency to the process but that it will take its time to find the right person for the job. Whoever steps into the top spot at Twitter will have to contend with increased pressure on the company from Wall Street. Investors have been disappointed by Twitter´s revenue and user growth in recent quarters. See more here

    CIO ASIA - Twitter looking for a full time CEO, deflating Dorsey´s candidacy
  • Softline hỗ trợ doanh nghiệp Việt Nam triển khai điện toán đám mây
    Sáng 27/3, tập đoàn Softline tổ chức hội thảo Softline Cloud Day 2015 với chủ đề Tăng cường quản lý doanh nghiệp với giải pháp điện toán đám mây cho hơn 200 khách hàng là doanh nghiệp tại TP.HCM.

    Hội thảo nhắm vào các nhà lãnh đạo, nhà quản lý, chuyên gia và kỹ sư công nghệ thông tin đến từ hơn 200 doanh nghiệp đóng trên địa bàn TP.HCM.

    Theo đại diện Softline, đây là những người đóng vai trò chủ chốt trong quá trình hoạch định và triển khai giải pháp công nghệ tại các tổ chức, doanh nghiệp.

    Ông Igor Petlyakov, Phó chủ tịch tập đoàn tư vấn các giải pháp công nghệ thông tin Softline cho biết điện toán đám mây ngày nay không còn là xu hướng, mà đã là thực tế đang diễn ra tại Việt Nam bởi điện toán đám mây đã và đang khẳng định đây chính là giải pháp tối ưu để các doanh nghiệp giảm thiểu chi phí cũng như tăng tối đa hiệu suất làm việc.

    Tại hội thảo Softline Cloud Day 2015, tập đoàn Softline đã công bố một danh mục toàn diện các giải pháp và dịch vụ nhằm giúp doanh nghiệp Việt Nam xây dựng một cơ sở hạ tầng công nghệ thông tin tối ưu.

    Cũng theo ông Igor Petlyakov, Softline và các đối tác của tập đoàn tại Việt Nam như HP, Microsoft, TrendMicro, Intel và FPT Trading có thể cung cấp nhiều giải pháp công nghệ thông tin toàn diện và đa dạng như tư vấn xây dựng chiến lược công nghệ thông tin, giải pháp phần cứng và phần mềm, quản trị dự án, các dịch vụ tích hợp hệ thống, dịch vụ hỗ trợ kỹ thuật và bảo trì hệ thống 24/24, gia công phần mềm cũng như các giải pháp điện toán đám mây dùng chung, dùng riêng hay đám mây lai.

    Theo ghi nhận của phóng viên PC World Vietnam, vào buổi sáng và chiều cùng ngày, các chuyên gia Softline đã có nhiều buổi thảo luận nhằm chia sẻ với các doanh nghiệp về tầm quan trọng của công nghệ điện toán đám mây, cũng như các xu hướng của công nghệ và các giải pháp công nghệ thông tin trong tương lai.

    Link: here 
    Softline hỗ trợ doanh nghiệp Việt Nam triển khai điện toán đám mây
  • VIR - Softline cloud technology enters Vietnam

    SL International Company Limited, a subsidiary of Softline International Group, has ramped up investment activities in Vietnam by extending the provision of its IT services and cloud based solutions to local companies.

    This information was disclosed at the Softline Cloud Day 2015 conference on boosting enterprise management with cloud based solutions held in Ho Chi Minh City last week with the participation of over 200 firms, business leaders, IT experts and administrators.

    Cloud technology is recently hailed as one of the best solutions for cutting costs and improving business efficiency. Softline delivers the complete spectrum of solutions and services for building an efficient IT infrastructure.

    The company offers many different comprehensive IT services such as IT strategy elaboration, consulting, software and hardware delivery, project management, system integration, public, private and hybrid cloud solutions.

    Softline´s strategic plan for South Eastern Asia include bolstering the development of Information Technology markets by pitching to clients the functional advantages and economic feasibility of software licensing.

    ´The main objective of SL International Co. Ltd. is to become the leading IT service provider in the local market, and to achieve it our company strives to base its business activities on long term and mutually beneficial relationships with clients and software vendors,´ said Igor Petlyakov vice president of Sofline International Group.

    To facilitate this goal, SL International Co. Ltd. is currently planning to improve the quality of its services and to expand its competencies in new lines of business. ´In the nearest future, we believe our Vietnam offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Ha Noi will be sufficiently facilitated to/be able to actively develop in the business consultancy direction and offer extensive technical support to our clients,´ he stressed.

    Softline has been active in the Information Technology market for more than twenty years, since 1993. They are a leading global IT solution and service provider working in the markets of Russia, the CIS, Latin America, India and South-eastern Asia. In 2013, Softline achieved the turnover of almost $1 billion.

    See more here.

    VIR - Softline cloud technology enters Vietnam
  • VIR - Control costs and optimise software investments

    Software Asset Management (SAM), which incorporates a set of proven processes and procedures for managing and optimising an organisation´s information technology assets, is becoming more familiar to Vietnamese businesses.

    VIR´s Hoang Anh talked to Max Orellana, regional licensing compliance director of Microsoft APAC, and Ilya Anzhiganov, business development manager of Softline in Southeast Asia, about to how to implement a SAM plan successfully.

    What are the roles of a SAM system and why do businesses need to consider to build SAM?

    Max Orellana: In an ever-changing global marketplace, companies are looking for every opportunity to gain a competitive advantage and simultaneously grow revenue, profits, and customer loyalty. Meanwhile, new regulatory requirements, competitive pressures brought on by an increasingly connected global economy, and technologies that ¨level the playing field¨ for companies of all sizes are making it more difficult for companies to stay ahead.

    In this environment, the role of information technology (IT) is rapidly becoming a key strategic asset to support and drive innovation, profitability, and customer satisfaction. On one hand, increasing IT complexity has made it more difficult and costly to manage a company´s infrastructure and platform. On the other hand, the promise of strategic advantage a company can achieve through technology is driving new wave of IT investment.

    All of the infrastructure and processes necessary for the effective management, control and protection of the software assets within an organisation, throughout all stages of their lifecycle.

    As SAM is a global industry standard which endorsed by Microsoft and many others. SAM will help an organisation to control cost and risks, optimise resource and grow with technology.

    SAM programmes should be critical part of any business´s strategic planning. As licences have become more complicated and their types have multiplied, managing them and the software to which they apply can produce lasting business value. SAM programmes implemented as part of your ongoing management practices not only ensure that software assets are accurately identified and legally deployed, but that they are used efficiently and cost effectively to support your key IT and business initiatives.

    What are specific benefits if businesses implement SAM?

    Ilya Anzhiganov: The main benefit from SAM is effective business processes. It´s on the top. These processes allow a company to reduce costs and decrease legal risks. Companies spend a lot of money for software. But SAM answers the question if there is the reason to pay such money. And of course SAM allows us to use only legal software.

    How has SAM been implemented in Vietnam and what are your business plan in the Vietnamese market?

    Ilya Anzhiganov: At this moment we´ve finished three small SAM projects in Vietnam. Softline as a global company has got huge experience in SAM practice. We were the winner in SAM category globally at Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in 2011. So now we are going to roll out our practice in Vietnam. We see a lot of opportunities in this market.

    It depends on what kind of services you choose and what kind of tools you prefer. The reality is that a lot of companies don´t need full cycle SAM processes. They need for instance just software inventory and licence compliance (software verification). It´s not full cycle SAM, but that helps companies get benefits. If we look at business processes we need high level price business consultants to create processes and describe it. Of course all of it affects on price.

    See more here.

    VIR - Control costs and optimise software investments


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